Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree consists of 61 liberal arts hours. Of those 61 hours, 46 hours are foundational CORE curriculum, which all students are required to complete. In addition to the CORE, students will complete 15 hours of electives. Students can customize their educational experience through their choice of elective courses.

Many of these elective hours (Renaissance and Reformation, for example) will transfer completely to other accredited institutions. Others (Introduction to Church Ministry, for example) would likely transfer to private Christian institutions but not to public state institutions.


Core Requirements:             

  • OBU Connections/NLC Experience
  • Contemporary World
  • Composition 1 and 2
  • Survey of the Bible
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • Western Civilization
  • World Literature
  • College Algebra
  • Public Speaking
  • Fine Arts: Art or Music
  • American Civilization
  • Health and Wellness
  • Spanish
  • Science


  • Spiritual Formation
  • Introduction to Christian Ministry
  • Introduction to Christian Missions
  • History of Christianity
  • Ministry Internship
  • Renaissance and Reformation
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • American National Government
  • Microcomputer Applications
  • Introduction to Economics and Business
  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Introduction to Photography